Team development (Trainer A. Faustenhammer)

Key objectives and Course contents

Getting to know your own typical role within teams
Assisting teams in increasing their own problem-solving ability
Taking on different team functions
Using different strengths in individual team members
Group, department and team
The success factors of successful teamwork
Phase models and team development models
Emotions and motivation within teams
Intervention options during conflicts
Fundamental contradictions in teams, groups and departments

Conflict ability (Trainer A. Faustenhammer)

Key objectives and Course contents

Identifying how you behave in conflicts
Learning to distinguish between conflict and dispute
Learning to live with irresolvable conflicts
Systematically intervening in conflicts as a manager and reducing fear
Building confidence and serenity in conflict handling
Types of conflicts
Conflict solving strategies
Personal patterns of behavior in conflicts
Managing conflicts as a leader
Solution-oriented conversation techniques during conflicts
Active listening
Handling strong emotions

Strategic Thinking (Trainer A. Faustenhammer)

Key Objectives and Course contents

Read the environment of today and anticipate the environment of tomorrow
Weigh risks against the potential rewards
Articulate your strategies so everyone understands
Avoid costly mistakes using “what-if” thinking
Align strategic decisions with critical goals
Challenging conventional thinking
Reading the environment of today and anticipating the environment of tomorrow
Weighing risks against the potential rewards
Questioning strategies: the best answers come from the best questions
Articulating your strategies: communicating so everyone understands

Setting Goals (Trainerin S. Schloemmer)

Key objectives and sourse contents

Goal setting as an interactive process
Increasing motivation in the team
Avoiding conflicts and tips for communicating goals
Setting qualitative goals that are measurable
Process and benefits for leaders and employees
How to set effective objectives
Communication critical feedback in a motivating way
Integrating feedback loops
Preparing personal performance appraisals for all employees
Communicationg team goals and pitfalls

Delegation (Trainerin S. Schloemmer)

Key objectives amd course contents

Obstacles against delegation
Selfreflection on your own behaviour
Increasing delegation in practise step by step
Motivating ways of controll
Delegation as a leadership task
Delegaton as a development task
Checklists on „how to delegate“
Steps of successful delegation and empowerment
How to avoid backward – delegation

Supportive Leadership (Trainerin S. Schloemmer)

Key Objectives and course contents

Developing employees constantly
Reflection own behaviour and values
Confidence and Trust versus Mistrust
Personal leadership values
Benefits of supportive leadership
Supportive critical Feedback
Enabling development and new experiences
16 Basic desires of Human beings

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