With Generation Z entering the world of work, companies are for the first time required to attract, motivate and retain four generations with a corporate culture and to create a working environment in which each generation feels comfortable.

Few managers are prepared for this. It is precisely in the differences between the generations that companies have great potential for innovation, productivity and efficiency, but also the greatest danger of demotivating employees and losing their commitment.

Together with Prof. Christian Scholz from Saarbrücken, we have developed a workshop for managers who work a lot with Generation Z and are themselves X or Baby Boomers.

Active generation management offers the opportunity to question existing skills and attitudes. The aim is to understand the different motives of the four generations and to derive recommendations for action for day-to-day management.

Our experience shows that the stereotyping of individual generations tends to promote conflict in companies. We therefore work with a scientifically based motive profile so that whenever people are to work together in groups – or more importantly learn from each other – the values and life motives of each other can be accepted.

The duration of company affiliation is a value in the systemic organizational constellation – is addressed and respected in our project – but does not result in any claim to hierarchy in our project approach, as Generation Z is critical of hierarchies and these are not important for mutual learning.

Modern age management

Managers have a prominent role to play in age management, with studies focusing primarily on the integration and continued employment of older employees. In our view, ageing management must be about looking at all generations. This should not just be about preventing and dealing with age discrimination, even though we see major challenges for companies in this area.

We are convinced that a great advantage lies in a mix of employees, which makes innovation, creativity and efficiency possible, taking into account the wealth of experience of Generation X and baby boomers.

The World Economic Forum even speaks of a leverage of the age-diverse workforce through generational intelligence in the company.

We advise against deficit thinking as a clear obstacle to the necessary cultural change and the tasks that lie ahead.

In cross-gen age management, we concentrate on the following key consulting areas:

  • Treatment of maintaining the ability to work of all generations
  • Recognizing the potential of all generations (no deficit thinking)
  • Consciously working with and against stereotyping
  • Regular review of demographics
  • No “one fits all” principle in HR and management
  • Cross-gen learning – learning together without hierarchies
  • Sensitization for the language
  • Professional handling of intergenerational conflicts

“Thanks to the newly acquired skills, I feel more self-confident and self-reflective in my new Team Lead role. Some of the insights were real eye-openers. I started implementing what I had learned immediately after the course ended. I can recommend the training to anyone who is looking for new impulses in the area of leadership and wants to strengthen team collaboration and leadership. (Course “The new manager”)

“For years, a department with over 20 employees was managed in a patriarchal manner. The manager is retiring this year. Ms. Schloemmer has therefore spent several years preparing and supporting employees for and during the change process. After creating a Reiss Motivation Profile© for each new manager, we also introduced an intermediate level around the new management and provided each with their own managers. A great deal of empathy and sustainability was required to motivate the employees for the new tasks, filled with new-found and freshly recharged self-confidence. Grosso Modo can reduce the number of employees through natural departures.

We are looking to the future with confidence, and not just for this department!

GrECo, matter of trust.”

“Sonja Schloemmer is an extremely competent, performance-oriented and goal-oriented person. The collaboration with her was always productive, efficient and team-oriented.”

“Ongoing professional training and development of our employees is THE most important asset of our practice. Thanks to an individually tailored training plan, we have been able to open up numerous other specialist areas in recent years, implement additional services and continue to grow. Schloemmer und Partner provided us with perfect support in terms of personal development, strengthening team spirit and improving resilience using the Reiss Motivation Profile.”