How does the analysis with the Reiss Motivation Profile® work ?

A Reiss Motivation Profile© is created by answering a scientific questionnaire. This consists of 128 statements relating to goals, intentions and values, e.g. “I strive to be recognized and accepted by others”.

You will receive an e-mail from a server with a link that can be activated by clicking on it.

The more than 30-page personal report is always confidential for the participant. The report is discussed personally in online coaching and reflection questions on behavioral change – based on the latest neurobiological findings – and measures are developed together with the coach.

Coaching can also take place in online mode. You will receive the report as a pdf document by email 1 hour before the start of the event.


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“Promoting the personal development of managers and high-potential employees is a core element of the Frauenthal Group’s strategic HR activities. Schloemmer und Partner offers efficient instruments for this purpose, which are used effectively in conjunction with profound practical experience. In the Frauenthal Group, the use of the “Reiss Profile” is a good example of this: thanks to the excellent support provided by Schloemmer und Partner, this instrument makes a valuable contribution to differentiated self-reflection.”

“For years, a department with over 20 employees was managed in a patriarchal manner. The manager is retiring this year. Ms. Schloemmer has therefore spent several years preparing and supporting employees for and during the change process. After creating a Reiss Motivation Profile© for each new manager, we also introduced an intermediate level around the new management and provided each with their own managers. A great deal of empathy and sustainability was required to motivate the employees for the new tasks, filled with new-found and freshly recharged self-confidence. Grosso Modo can reduce the number of employees through natural departures.

We are looking to the future with confidence, and not just for this department!

GrECo, matter of trust.”