Many psychological approaches are based purely on observations of the “self” – introspective -, derived from the behavior of animals or theoretical depth psychology.

The Reiss Motivation Profile® goes one step further: compared to many other personality tests, the Reiss Motivation Profile® ultimately reveals the 16 life motives that shape and drive people individually. It makes the motors of human behavior visible, so to speak, and thus goes far beyond the description of human behavior.

Film on the tear profile

The 16 life motives

  • were determined strictly empirically,
  • are based on factor-analytical evaluations,
  • and have also been confirmed across cultures in numerous follow-up studies.

These motives determine our actions and depending on the extent to which we shape our lives according to these basic needs, we are satisfied – or not. The 16 motives are independent of each other and allow for individualization and a very differentiated view of personality.

A life motive analysis is considered to be extremely stable over time, which is why human behavior can be interpreted and predicted on the basis of a Reiss Motivation Profile®.

In a life motive analysis, an individual motive profile is determined.

This motive profile summarizes the characteristics of all of a person’s motives.

The nature of the motif structure is highly individual:

Over a million different motif constellations are possible!

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