Burnout therapies are carried out exclusively by our psychiatrist Dr. Lukas Pezawas and our psychotherapists.

You will be assigned a personal reference therapist with whom you will plan your individual treatment and who will guide you through the therapy. The regular discussions serve to shed light on your current problems and difficulties against the background of your life history, to recognize possible patterns of suboptimal, misdirected coping, to develop a new understanding of the future and to jointly develop coping strategies that prevent future crises and health problems as far as possible.

Mindfulness and spirituality

Our minds are often excessively preoccupied with thinking about the past and the future or constantly and immediately evaluating things. Mindfulness-based therapy or meditation techniques can help us to perceive the present more and more unadulterated through simple techniques and their regular application. Spending time in and connecting with nature can make a particular contribution to developing holistic and spiritual perspectives.


For many patients, the ability to relax, reduce stress, find greater inner peace and regulate their physical and mental balance in a new and better way is fundamental to any therapy.The decisive factor here is not so much how you relax, but that you regain the ability to relax in the first place. Mental coaching can help you with this.

The heart rate variability measurement:

The 24-hour measurement of the heart rate sequence using a small, flat ECG measuring device allows you to analyze your heartbeat and can be carried out very easily in everyday life.
The heartbeat is closely linked to the autonomic nervous system. This regulates our ability to cope with stress and regulate between tension, relaxation and regeneration.
In a healthy, powerful organism, the heartbeats are variable in their sequence.
The HRV measurement translates the series of heartbeat data measurements into an image and uses software to generate objective measures of your respective state of vitality depending on your activity (mental activity, physical exertion, relaxation, leisure, sleep, etc.).

The results show your progress and are discussed with your therapist on an ongoing basis.

“Promoting the personal development of managers and high-potential employees is a core element of the Frauenthal Group’s strategic HR activities. Schloemmer und Partner offers efficient instruments for this purpose, which are used effectively in conjunction with profound practical experience. In the Frauenthal Group, the use of the “Reiss Profile” is a good example of this: thanks to the excellent support provided by Schloemmer und Partner, this instrument makes a valuable contribution to differentiated self-reflection.”

“Ongoing professional training and development of our employees is THE most important asset of our practice. Thanks to an individually tailored training plan, we have been able to open up numerous other specialist areas in recent years, implement additional services and continue to grow. Schloemmer und Partner provided us with perfect support in terms of personal development, strengthening team spirit and improving resilience using the Reiss Motivation Profile.”