The theory of the 16 life motives is a new, scientifically sound and comprehensive approach to human behavior. The unique research work presented by Steven Reiss documents the groundwork that went into the development of the Reiss Motivation Profile® after years of scientific work.

Dr. Steven Reiss and his team were the first to research life motives and develop a valid test instrument.

The 16 life motives

  • were determined strictly empirically,
  • are based on factor-analytical evaluations,
  • and have also been confirmed across cultures in numerous follow-up studies.

Standards of the Reiss Motivation Profile®
The original standard sample from 2001 included 1,749 test participants. In 2007, the Reiss Motivation Profile® was renormalized using a sample of approx. 7,800 test participants. In 2012, 45,000 test subjects were already recorded in a renormalization process. The new standards, which were recorded between 2007 and 2017, have been in place since September 2017. The standard sample of the Reiss Motivation Profile® now comprises 79,888 test subjects from 23 countries and 3 continents (America, Asia, Europe). This process was conducted by William Aflleje of Reesh LLC in collaboration with Mike Reiss and Maggi Reiss of IDS Publishing.

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