The heart rate variability measurement:

The 24-hour measurement of the heart rate sequence using a small, flat ECG measuring device allows you to analyze your heartbeat and can be carried out very easily in everyday life. The heartbeat is closely linked to the autonomic nervous system. This regulates our ability to cope with stress and regulate between tension, relaxation and regeneration. In a healthy, powerful organism, the heartbeats are variable in their sequence. The HRV measurement translates the data series of heartbeats into an image and uses software to generate objective measures of your respective state of vitality depending on your activity (mental activity, physical exertion, relaxation, leisure, sleep, etc.).

Health coaching using HRV measurement includes – an ONLINE initial consultation about your concerns
– carrying out a 24-hour measurement of your heartbeats
– An evaluation of the data measurement series tailored to your needs
– a final coaching session of 2 sessions online or in person to evaluate and work out the first important steps for change in your life.
– Possible follow-up measurements to evaluate the changes made

Your benefit:

Learn more
– how great your mental and physical performance potential is.
– what your current stress level is.
– how well you can deal with stress.
– how restful your sleep is.
– what your current functional biological age is – how quickly you can recharge your batteries
– where you gain or lose strength
– how you can shape your life in a resource-oriented way.
– how your power can be changed after you have gained insight into your personal “performance and regeneration landscape”.

The coaching is carried out by Ms. Susanne Schwarz from our team

Our joint work began in 2004 with the establishment of a management development program based on the Schloemmer& Partner competency model. Highest practical orientation, professionally coordinated trainers and our training controlling ensure the transfer of learning. Together, we have successfully implemented a special program for burnout prevention and train-the-trainer training. All tools can be used in day-to-day business in the branches.