Our team development programs are tailor-made and include experiential elements

We design your event based on the selection of skills from our skills management system and your objectives for team development.

From strategy workshops and interface workshops to improving cooperation, many things are possible.

Experience-oriented elements loosen up and create a sense of togetherness. We also pay attention to the transfer of learning in these incentive modules.

Based on our systemic know-how, we develop hypotheses and design each individual work step – in practice, however, it is relaxed and informal – because fun should not be neglected in team development.

“Following the establishment of our shared service center for accounting, in which we brought together around 400 accounting employees from the various Group companies into one organizational unit, it was necessary to get the management team on board with the new objectives and framework conditions. In team-building workshops lasting several days, Sonja Schlömmer responded precisely to our requirements and, with her help, was able to quickly create a team whose members treat each other with appreciation and respect, with an open and solution-oriented attitude.”

Through team development together with Schloemmer & Partner, we were able to further improve cooperation with our internal interfaces and further expand our success as a sales team.
The rice profile in particular enabled each and every one of us to question and work on our own values, attitudes and opinions. The personal reflection cards and jointly agreed measures facilitated successful implementation.
The experience-oriented learning content of the team development was perfectly aligned with the content of our daily challenges, created a humorous atmosphere and was reflected excellently. The important values for the team members were visualized in a very practical way and underline the importance of the human component for our sales success. The daily commitment to this gives us valuable orientation in our management and our appreciative cooperation.

“For years, a department with over 20 employees was managed in a patriarchal manner. The manager is retiring this year. Ms. Schloemmer has therefore spent several years preparing and supporting employees for and during the change process. After creating a Reiss Motivation Profile© for each new manager, we also introduced an intermediate level around the new management and provided each with their own managers. A great deal of empathy and sustainability was required to motivate the employees for the new tasks, filled with new-found and freshly recharged self-confidence. Grosso Modo can reduce the number of employees through natural departures.

We are looking to the future with confidence, and not just for this department!

GrECo, matter of trust.”

‘Rarely have I had the feeling of being in such good hands in a seminar. The mixture of elements of self-reflection, group and pair discussions with constructive preparation and debriefing, helpful checklists for the real challenges as a new manager and the Styrian charm of Sonja Schloemmer made this seminar a real added value for me’.