It has been well researched that an employee’s inner attitude is a decisive factor in whether or not they suffer from burnout. It’s about preserving your own values – values such as family, free time, friends, the much-cited work-life balance. People need unscheduled time to be able to relax. There is no more unplanned time in the lives of burn-out sufferers. They are obsessed with their work.

Would you like to better understand personal conflict situations and stressful situations and develop strategies for achieving your personal goals in a way that conserves energy?

With our scientifically based motive profile, you can analyze exactly where you stand and recognize which parameters must be present in your area of work in the future so that you can work in a meaningful way. So that work is fun and challenges don’t overwhelm you!

Using the 16 life motives, you will learn about your individual motive structure and its impact on your own actions. They are supported in shaping their professional situation in such a way that they achieve a high level of satisfaction and motivation and optimize their work behavior.

The risk of burnout is also clearly recognizable and can be dealt with in coaching.