Schloemmer & Partner is a sponsor of the world’s 1st Viktor Frankl Museum in Vienna. Our work is based on the insights of Viktor Frankl’s logotherapy, the findings of Steven Reiss and the research results of neurobiologist Gerald Huether.

According to Viktor Frankl, dedication to a task is a form of creating meaning in a person’s life.

Especially the
dimension of meaning
is becoming increasingly important in the working world of many people. In combination with the Reiss profile according to Steven Reiss, there are starting points for reflecting on the current dimension of meaning and analyzing one’s own needs.

This makes it possible to avoid potential burnout risks in coaching work and to increase satisfaction in working life again.

Success, career or family – people are always faced with a decision in their lives. At these crossroads, it is good to know who we are and what really motivates and drives us.

Many people have set out in search of answers – including Steven Reiss.

Steven Reiss, the founder of life motive analysis, was a professor of psychology and psychiatry at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, USA. He previously studied at Dartmouth College and earned his doctorate at Yale University. His studies are among the most influential in psychology. In nine large studies with a total of over 7000 test subjects, Steven Reiss has investigated which “end motives” drive people. He discovered that there are 16 fundamental values and needs that motivate people and developed the Reiss Motivation Profile.